Controlling Tooth Sensitivity is Easier Than You Think

While controlling the pain in our teeth and gums is rarely an at-home option, controlling tooth sensitivity is easier than you think. Before we share these helps, however, it’s important to note that these are “in the meanwhile” tips. Vann Family Dental takes great care in assessing each patient’s condition and dental history with incredible […]

5 Fun Ways to Drink More Water

You know that drinking enough water is extremely beneficial to our health. Drinking water has numerous benefits, such as clear skin, toxin removal, energy boosts, and headache relief. Yet, day after day you don’t drink enough. Whether you just aren’t finding the time, or water is too boring, you will benefit by increasing your daily water […]

Do You Have Bad Breath? Find Out If You Do & How to Treat It!

Bad breath is an embarrassing condition. Some people know they have it, but some people have bad breath and don’t know it because others are afraid to tell them. Having bad breath can affect your work relationships or even your personal relationships. People might not want to get too close to you in order to […]

Moment of Tooth: Why You Still Need to Floss

There is an article circling the news known as “flossgate,” which claims that the evidence for flossing is flimsy and that flossing doesn’t remove plaque as suggested. Well, based on the evidence of countless dentists, all of us here at Vann Family Dental are sticking to our spools: you still need to floss. The New […]

Tooth Care Tips for Busy People

It can be hard to find the time to give your teeth that extra TLC that they need after the double cup of coffee in the morning or the accidental skipped tooth brushing. Great oral health doesn’t come down to just one moment of remembering or forgetting; it comes down to having healthy habits in […]

Trendy Toothbrushes

This summer, we are obsessed with these vibrant, pretty toothbrushes that will brighten up your bathroom. Check out our favorite trendy toothbrushes that will make brushing fashionably fun! Pantone Toothbrush These Pantone toothbrushes by Kikkerland come in five cool colors. Maybe one of them will match your bathroom decor. The Dews Toothbrush The DEWS Toothbrush […]

Are Mouthwash and Mouth Rinse Interchangeable?

The dental hygiene section at your local store can be a confusing place, with dozens of different products all fighting for your attention, each and every one of which promises you the brightest smile and freshest breath possible. However, how much do you actually know about what these products actually do? For instance, what’s the […]