Best Dental Products & Procedures for Treating Gum Disease

Millions of American suffer from periodontal disease, or, as it is more commonly known, gum disease. The effects of gum disease can range from mild reddening or swelling of the gums all the way to periodontitis, in which gum disease has worsened to the point that it can cause extreme dental pain and permanent damage […]

Trendy Toothpastes: Party Favor or the Real Deal?

In a world where anything goes, there is such a thing as bacon flavored toothpaste. Yes, whiskey toothpaste was also once popular. More recent technology has even created a toothpaste that turns plaque left in your mouth green. While these may seem like novelties, consumers are always intrigued by these unique alternatives to traditional toothpaste. Before adding a new […]

April Is Oral Cancer Awareness Month

In honor of Oral Cancer Awareness Month, you may find yourself with the desire to further understand the signs of the condition. The disease may not be as common as other forms of cancer, but it is often undiagnosed for far too long. With early detection, you greatly increase your chance of surviving oral cancer. […]

Celebrate World Oral Health Day!

World Oral Health Day is coming up on March 20th! World Health Oral Day is all about celebrating healthy mouths and raising awareness of the importance of oral health! The World Dental Federation tells us this day is so important because about 90% of the entire world’s population in their lifetime will have an oral […]

Why Preventive Care is So Important for Keeping Your Natural Teeth

If you have ever wondered why preventive care is so important in dentistry, consider that 5 to 10 minutes of your time each day could prevent tooth decay, tooth loss, bone loss, and several other serious dental problems. To keep your natural teeth healthy for as long as possible, it’s important to establish and stick […]

How to Care for Your Pooch’s Teeth

Most dogs don’t like having their teeth brushed. In fact, some dogs will resist having their teeth brushed so much that only a vet will be able to do it. Fortunately for some, a little training and kindness is all that’s needed to get your dog to be obedient with getting their canines cleaned. There […]

Resolutions for Better Oral Health in 2016

Everyone needs New Year’s resolutions to improve their health and well-being at the beginning of the year. Maybe this year you want to eat more “clean” foods, or hit the gym more than before! These are great intentions, but sometimes dental and oral hygiene is forgotten when people make their New Year’s resolutions. So why […]