Moment of Tooth: Why You Still Need to Floss

There is an article circling the news known as “flossgate,” which claims that the evidence for flossing is flimsy and that flossing doesn’t remove plaque as suggested. Well, based on the evidence of countless dentists, all of us here at Vann Family Dental are sticking to our spools: you still need to floss. The New […]

Summer Activities to Teach Kids About Oral Health

Teaching your kids about good oral care can never come too early. By practicing good dental care from an early age, their risk of cavities and gum disease decreases enormously. One of the best ways for children to learn is through play. Luckily, Colgate has a list of 4 great dental activities you can do […]

Tooth Care Tips for Busy People

It can be hard to find the time to give your teeth that extra TLC that they need after the double cup of coffee in the morning or the accidental skipped tooth brushing. Great oral health doesn’t come down to just one moment of remembering or forgetting; it comes down to having healthy habits in […]

Trendy Toothbrushes

This summer, we are obsessed with these vibrant, pretty toothbrushes that will brighten up your bathroom. Check out our favorite trendy toothbrushes that will make brushing fashionably fun! Pantone Toothbrush These Pantone toothbrushes by Kikkerland come in five cool colors. Maybe one of them will match your bathroom decor. The Dews Toothbrush The DEWS Toothbrush […]

Feeling Nervous? How to Stay Calm at Your Dental Appointment

Everyone has a fear of something, whether it is a fear of flying (pteromerhanophobia), a fear of heights (acrophobia), or even fear of thunder and lightning (astraphobia). Dental phobia is also a common fear. It is characterized by excessive, unreasonable fear around receiving dental care. Sadly, this fear can be limit your quality of life […]

Are Mouthwash and Mouth Rinse Interchangeable?

The dental hygiene section at your local store can be a confusing place, with dozens of different products all fighting for your attention, each and every one of which promises you the brightest smile and freshest breath possible. However, how much do you actually know about what these products actually do? For instance, what’s the […]